The Beginner's Guide to Polistic

Hey ya'll!

We've seen SO MANY new faces at the studio lately, and it's been so lovely to meet and move with all of you! With the increase of so many new folks, I've been hearing the same question from many of you - 'what classes should I be taking and how often should I come in?'

In response, I have put together a few thoughts on how to progress most safely and efficiently, and wated to provide what I believe is the most ideal schedule for someone new to Polistic.

Beginner Pole Tricks and/or Open Level Pole

In this class, you will work with Brooke to cover the most basic and foundational techniques of pole dance and movement. You will learn basic conditioning exercises designed to prepare you early on for the more intermediate stages of your pole journey. You will practice transitional techniques and combos with both feet on the floor to increase your ability to 'flow' down the road. You will also begin to look at technique of basic spins on a static pole, how to generate and control momentum, and how to increase efficiency in movement.

Intro to Contemporary Flow and/or Pole Classique

It is important to mix up tricks and strength based movement with low impact, flow-based movement not only for quality of pole movement, but for the wellness of your body as well. It needs that balance of active and passive, yin and yang, strength and softness. Depending on your preference, Intro to Contemporary will lead through short choreography friendly to all levels based in contemporary movement, or if you prefer to get a little sexier, Pole Classique will do the same, only with an emphasis on sensual, burlesque inspired movement.

Yoga for Wellness and/or Flexibility for Dancers

Not only should you be mixing up your POLE movement practices, you should also be including non-pole related movement practices in your routine. It is especially important to include active recovery days in your schedule, and our yoga for wellness class is the perfect gentle recovery practice that focuses on recovery of the joints and soft tissues. If you're looking for something slightly more active, but still focused on mobility, give the Flexibility class a try! It's a great way to stretch out tight muscles from a week of pole dancing and gain flexibility needed for more advanced moves.

Come to class 2-3 times a week if you can, and in addition to your pole training, stay active through out the week. Try out movement and fitness classes that intrigue you (I enjoy yoga, non-pole dance classes, capoeira, and occasionally crossfit) Take long walks, go swimming, find a good hiking spot, etc.

Oh, and BUY A FOAM ROLLER! Foam roller's are fairly cheap and easy to find and go a LONG way in restoring overworked muscles and increasing mobility, and though it may not feel amazing WHILE you're doing it, regular foam rolling will make you feel great in the long run.

We're so happy for all of you beginning your pole journey! Pole movement is such an incredible thing, and we look forward to seeing you progress!


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