Fireman Spin Tutorial

At the studio, I hear a lot of requests for learning to invert, and I'm like 'YES! Let's get you upside down!!! But first, let's learn this, that, and the other thing to ensure your transition into the inverted world is as safe and efficient as possible.'

A lot of you groan when I say this, and I TOTALLY get it! Flipping upside down on a pole is super fun and super awesome! It's important to remember though, that flipping upside down on a pole without good form or enough strength built up can also be super dangerous!

So, voila! I present to you my tutorial series on how to understand and nail those building blocks that will lead to an upside down extravaganza in no time!

My friends, without further ado, I present - Tutorial 1 - The Fireman!

Give it a try, and tag us at #polisticfitnessholt

Can't wait to see your videos, and be on the lookout for Tutorial number 2 - Standing Fireman!


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