Mindful Fitness Tip #1 - Water!

The last week or so, I've been experiencing chronic pains I don't usually have. I've had a migraine twice. I've been feeling lethargic, teetering on the edge of feeling sick. What gives?!

Sure, it could be the fall weather moving in, or just a bug that's going around. But when my boyfriend observed the other night that "I never feel good anymore," and I knew that he was right, I had to wonder what I could be doing differently to care for myself a bit better. Because honestly, it's difficult trying to be mindful of caring for yourself while trying to juggle the one hundred and twenty seven million other things life throws at you simultaneously. How do we not over look ourselves, our own wellbeing?

At the beginning of this week, I made a goal. I wanted to carry one question with me through out the week to see what changed in my daily habits. The question was simply

" What could I do right now to take better care of myself?"

That first day I took quite literally. In fact, maybe too literally. I slept way in. I went to the Y to relax in the hot tub. I went to the chiropractor, I got a massage. But then, after a couple days I began to see how many little ways through out the day I could take better care of myself that required very little time, energy, and money. Once I started paying attention, there was TONS of things I could be doing to take better care of myself, both big and small, and I decided I'd like to share a couple of the changes I'm making in my own life to help you find new ways to take good care of yourself, too.

First up? DRINK WATER!

This one is a little obvious, and quite easy to do. Here's a couple tips for increasing your water intake, and some of the benefits that go along with it.

1. Drink a huge glass of water (or two!) immediately upon waking up.

Imagine going the next eight hours or so without a single sip of water. You'd probably be pretty damn thirsty, quite dehydrated, and maybe develop a head ache or a general feeling of lethargy. If you think about it, this is essentially what happens to the body during sleep. On average, we sleep anywhere between 4-8 hours at night. This means the body is going without hydration for an extensive period of time - much longer than we would go without hydrating ourselves while we are awake and moving about our day.

If you're anything like me, the first thing you think about upon waking is that warm delicious cup of coffee. Recently, I've been forcing myself to wait for my coffee until I've consumed two big full glasses of room temperature water. Room temperature is optional, as I have sensitive teeth I prefer it, but those two big glasses of water are essential to add to your daily routine. In addition to re-hydrating your body after a long night of sleep, here's a few more benefits to adding this routine to your wellness plan;

Boosts brain activity - since brain tissue is 75% water, dehydration means your brain is operating on less fuel, which can lead to fatigue, head aches, and irritability.

Fires up metabolisim, helping you to lose weight more easily.

Purifies the colon, thereby making nutrients more easily absorbed.

2. Drink a gallon of water per day (especially if you are particularly active!)

If you are new to drinking a lot of water, an entire gallon of water each day may seem a bit excessive. However, as your body gets used to the increase of water intake, the results you will see (but most importantly, feel) are absolutely incredible. For me, I have grown to understand that if I carry an entire gallon of water with me through out my day, I tend to do quite well with drinking it all. If I try to be sure I am simply drinking more glasses of water through out my day I pretty much never reach my goal of one whole gallon. So, grab yourself a gallon, polish that baby off, and then refill it every day for the next week. I've also found that with a full gallon, I am able to gage how shy I am coming up to my goal. Here's a couple health benefits that come with consuming more water through out your day.

Makes skin glow and clears up acne by purging toxins from the body.

Increases the rate at which new muscle and blood cells are produced.

Greater endurance on the pole, in the gym, or at the dance club.

Leads to a lower chance of 'over snacking' through out the day, as often our bodies are craving hydration more than food.

Balances the lymph system, which in turn helps boost your immunity and ability to fight off disease and sickness.

Enjoy this weeks wellness tip by staying as hydrated as possible and noting all the differences and benefits felt within your own body after just one week of adding this to your routine!

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