GoodForYou Breakfast Burritos

I have been such an adventurous little chef this past week! I've had some pretty hilarious (and costly!) fails, but I've also had some super big wins, and this Breakfast Burrito is one of those wins! As always my hunger overcame my patience for photographs, but the next time I make this (which definitely will be soon, trust me) I will add the photos for your foodporn pleasure.

Breakfast is SO important to fuel your body in all the right ways for the rest of the day. In order to maximize our results from said fueling, we need a good healthy dose of good complex carbs, good fats, and of course - lots of protein. These burritos punch ALL of those things without the super guilt of our regular go to breakfast burritos from El Oasis. ( Or somewhere equally delicious. )

So, without futher ado - GoodForYou Breakfast Burrtos!

What You'll Need -

1 packet of Multigrain or whole wheat soft tortilla shells

2 Farm raised organic eggs (or any eggs will do, but I am super partial to the good ol' farm raised local stuff)

1/4 cup Shredded Cheese

1 medium brown potato

A handful of baby spinach

1/2 avocado

1 tbs olive oil

1 tbs butter (I prefer grass fed and unsalted)

*Hot sauce or salsa to top it all off.

What to do -

Cut your medium brown potato into small cubes

Heat the olive oil over medium heat and add potatos

Shake 'em around to coat them in the oil and let them cook for about 8-10 minutes, or however long it takes for them to soften up.

(Note - if your potatos start sticking to the pan, DO NOT add more oil, simply add a couple drops of cool water.)

As the potatos are finishing up, heat about a tablespoon of butter over medium heat in a seperate pan.

Crack two eggs into said pan (note, you can cook the eggs however you please, but I prefer scrambled or over-hard style.)

Now that the potatos are done, transfer them to a tubber ware container.

Take the tortilla (or tortillas) and place them in the pan the potatos were cooking in.

Sprinkle a light layer of shredded cheese on the top, and let the tortilla cook until the cheese on the top melts (do not flip the tortilla)

Now that your cheese is melted, take that bad boy off the pan and toss it on your plate.

Spread the avocado on top of the melted cheese, and then sprinkle some baby spinach leaves on top.

Next, add the eggs (that should definitely be done by now) and spoon a couple cubes of potato on top.

I added good ol' hot sauce on top of everything, folded that baby up, and DEVOURED it.

Keep in mind you could serve it up with salsa, sour cream, more avocado, or whatever the hell sounds good to you.

You could also add an extra protein source like bacon, sausage, ham, or anything along those lines. You can also use veggie "meat" if you prefer or even black beans if you're into that sort of thing.

You could ALSO add more veggies if you'd like, or Take anything out that you don't like. These babies are VERSATILE!

Save the leftover potatos for another burrito tomorrow morning or add them to any sort of stiry fry or something else. Overcooking and meal prepping has helped me save TONS of time and I have the energy and motivation to actually eat healthier and more adventurous meals because of it.


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