Warm Up 1 'Worth It'

Hey ya'll! The time is coming FAST for me to make my way to NYC, where I will be exploring a new city but more importantly POLE TRAINING WITH SOME OF THE BEST OF THE BEST FOR TEN WHOLE DAYS. Pinch me, I'm dreaming.

Though I will be learning nothing but awesomeness to bring back home for all you Polistic loves of mine, I will miss you and didn't want to leave you all with nothing to do for ten days, so I'll be posting a couple videos you can work on at home while I'm away. You might even want to do the video warm ups/work outs on the days you would normally come to class to stay in your routine!

As always, the most important part of any class or workout is the warm up. I recorded three warm ups the other day, but for some silly reason this is the only one that will transfer off my camera. So, enjoy this warm up, and maybe spend some time researching "warm up routines for aerialists" or "hip hop cardio warm ups" as these usually tend to be the most fun! :)

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