"Everyone at Polistic is so friendly. It's a really body/self positive environment. The classes are tailored to your personal journey, strengths, and comfort level. Very glad I signed up."

"I absolutely love Polistic! There are a variety of classes for all dance levels – including classes for people like me who have zero dance background. It’s a fun, creative, supportive space full of wonderful people who are encouraging and body positive. Brooke really knows her stuff and encourages us to listen to and be in tune with our bodies and our movement. She guides us safely through our pole progression and corrects our form to help us understand what muscles should be engaged in various tricks to keep us safe and secure. Both Brooke and Eileen teach choreography classes that help you really bring out your confident, creative, sexy side. Every class with Brooke and Eileen is fun and exciting!
I highly recommend Polistic. If you are looking for a fun, challenging, confidence building form of fitness and/or creative movement and an amazing group of empowering women then Polistic is your place."

"Fantastic for dancers at any level! Incredibly welcoming for beginners. The owner is a championship dancer and one of the most experienced instructors that you can find in Michigan. You will love it."

"Polistic Fitness is the best place on earth."

"This place is great.

Saved my soul.


"I got into pole about a year ago at a time when I wasn’t happy with myself, comfortable in my skin, or confident in anyway. Pole has allowed me a safe space to express and explore, and to realize that while I’m not perfect, I do love myself. Polistic has furthered this because everyone has been so welcoming and supportive. It’s a true community and I’m so proud to be a part of it!"

"Brooke runs a great pole dancing class! It's a completely judgement free zone, and she does a great job shaping classes around the abilities and desires of each of her students. I can't recommend it enough!"

"Brooke structures repetition into classes but keeps it fun and interesting. She is willing to work one-on-one to improve your personal pole dancing goals and encourages you to find your own style that empowers you and makes you want to keep coming back! Very knowledgeable about the different poses/tricks with lots of experience. She continutes to incorporate new things as she is always exploring what other pole artists in the industry are doing and making it adaptable and attainable for all skill levels!"