1. I acknowledge that Polistic is an inclusive, body-positive and consent-based space. I agree that while at the studio, I will refrain from self-deprecating behavior, will treat my studio mates with kindness and acceptance, and will recognize the preferred pronouns/gender of each of my studio mates.


2. I acknowledge that Polistic has a zero tolerance policy against sexual harassment, offensive, and/or violent behavior. I understand that I will be immediately asked to leave and will not be permitted back to the studio if I violate this policy. I understand that I will not be credited or refunded any of my purchases in this event.


3. I understand that pole dancing and creative movement is physically demanding and requires mindfulness and presence. I understand that pole dancing is not a suitable activity while under the influence of any kind. I acknowledge that I may not be under the influence while attending classes and workshops of any kind.


4. I acknowledge that safety is the number one priority at Polistic, and that if an instructor suspects I am being unsafe in any way, I will be asked to cease the unsafe behavior immediately. I understand that if I do not cease said behavior, I will be asked to leave class and will not be refunded or re-credited for the class.


5. I acknowledge that instructors may at any time, request I leave a class if they feel I am being unsafe, disruptive to the class, or disrespectful to instructors or clients in any way.


6. I acknowledge that warming up is mandatory, and that instructors reserve the right to ask me not to participate in class material if they feel I have not adequately warmed up.


7. I acknowledge that I must be dressed appropriately at all times while at the studio. Athletic and/or dance wear is required at all times. Men are highly encouraged to wear a dance belt during class.


8. I understand that Polistic will treat clients as the gender they identify as, and I acknowledge that Polistic is a co-ed studio open to all bodies, backgrounds, ages, and sizes.



1. I acknowledge that all purchases through Polistic Fitness are non-refundable and non-transferable.


2. I understand that Polistic will not hold unpaid reservations for classes, parties, or workshops.


3. I understand the ‘late cancel’ policy means that I must cancel class reservations at least 4 hours prior to class start time in order to keep class credit. I understand that if I ‘late cancel’ a class and provide less than 4 hours notice prior to class start time, I will not be refunded or re-credited for the class.


4.  I acknowledge that Polistic does not accept latecomers to class. I understand that the studio door will be locked at class start time, and that if I arrive after doors have been locked my reservation will be void and I will not receive a refund or credit for my class. If I am locked out of the studio due to tardiness, I will not pound on the door or disrupt the class in session in any way.


5.  I understand that expiration dates on packages are final and may not be extended, except under circumstances of injury. Extending expiration dates on packages due to injury will be subject to approval and permitted at the discretion of Polistic Fitness.


6. I understand that classes require 3 or more paid reservations 2 hours prior to class start time or the class will be cancelled. I understand that in this event, I will be notified via email and my class credit will automatically be re-applied to my account.


7. I understand that I may not video or take photos during class without the immediate consent of each participant in class. I acknowledge that I will not disrupt class by asking studio mates or instructors to take photos or videos for me during class time, and that photos and videos may only be taken at the end of class with the express permission of my instructor.




1. I acknowledge that all privates, parties, events, and photo shoots are considered specialty appointments and must be paid in full at least 48 hours before appointment start time. I understand that specialty appointments must be booked via email at - no exceptions.



2.  I understand that lateness to specialty appointments will result in shorter appointment time or cancellation of appointment. I understand the decision to cancel a specialty appointment due to lateness is at the discretion of the instructor/Polistic Fitness, and that in this event, no refunds of credit will be given. I understand that warm up will not be shortened or condensed for appointments that start late.


3.  I understand that in order to receive a 50% refund for specialty events, I must cancel my appointment via email at within 7 days prior to my appointment date. I understand that if I do not provide at least 7 days notice, I forfeit my payment and will not be refunded or re-credited in any way.


I understand that Polistic Fitness will occasionally take photos or videos of classes, workshops, and events associated with the studio.  I understand that though Polistic Fitness will never tag me on social media platforms, these photos and videos may be used by Polistic to promote and market instructors, classes, and the studio at the discretion of Polistic Fitness.



I hereby grant Polistic Fitness permission to share videos or photos that may contain my image on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram in order to promote classes and workshops at the studio.


Polistic honors and respects that in some occasions, clients may not be able to have their image shared on social media for work-related or safety-related reasons.  I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to opt out of videos or photos and to inform my instructor that for these reasons, I may not have my image shared on social media platforms.


1. I am aware that pole dancing is a high impact and physically demanding sport, and that bruising and injury are possible due to the demanding nature of pole dance.


2. I have no reason to believe that pole dancing may not be a suitable activity for me, and will make my instructor aware of any medical conditions or physical limitations before class begins.


3. I acknowledge that pole dancing may not be suitable if I am pregnant. I confirm that if I am pregnant, I have spoken with my doctor and informed my instructor/Polistic Fitness that I am pregnant.


4. I affirm that I am responsible for my own well-being and participation is at my own risk. I understand that with any physical activity, the risk of injury, even serious or disabling is always present and cannot be entirely eliminated.


By signing below, I assume full responsibility for any and all damages that may occur through participating in pole, dance, or any other form of creative fitness with Polistic Fitness, LLC and I hereby agree to irrevocably release and waive any claims that I have now or may have hereafter against Polistic Fitness LLC or any of it’s instructors/affiliates.