1. All parties require a 50% down payment at time of booking. Terms and Conditions must be signed at time of booking, and again in person at the studio before your event.


2. 3 days prior to party, the final amount will be automatically charged to the card on file. Please note, we will automatically charge to hit minimums, even if your party is under the required 6 person minimum, and will automatically charge the full total for parties that exceed 6 participants.  


3. ALL DOWN PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE. We will only run one card for full transaction, and will not split payments between multiple cards. Your instructor is not authorized to deal with payments in studio, and will not have access to your financial information.


4. Everyone in the party must arrive 10 minutes prior to start time to fill out waivers. We will not allow latecomers, and appointment times cannot be lengthened or changed to accommodate for late parties.


5. While we want your experience to be fun and memorable, our number one priority is safety. Your instructor maintains the right to refuse to host the party if the party is intoxicated, and/or refuse to let intoxicated individuals physically participate in class. In this event, no refunds or credits will be given.


6. NO photos or video while your instructor is teaching or demoing. There will be time provided at the end of class for free movement, photos, and videos. Please keep all phones on silent and tucked away until the end of class.


7. Because safety is our number one priority – you will not be taught intermediate or advanced pole moves and will not be allowed to invert. Trying any of the above may result in you being asked to leave, sit the rest of the party out, and in severe cases may result in an early termination of your party. No refunds or credits given in this event.


8. Food and drink is allowed in the waiting area, but is not permitted in the dance studio. If you wish to bring food or drink, you must let Polistic know ahead of time so we can accommodate your needs. With premium parties, chocolate and champagne will be provided at the END of class in the waiting area.


9. For parties that run more than 10 minutes past appointment end time, a 20% fee will be automatically charged to the card used to book the party.


Finally, we LOVE pole dance, and for many of us here, it is more than a hobby. Please be respectful of our studio, our poles, and our love for this apparatus. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!