Progressive Series 

Level One:
Foundations and Movement Quality
Level 1 is designed to get you comfortable with foundational pole movement vocabulary, concepts, and techniques. Focus on grounded transitions, flow, and comfortably navigating your first basic spins on a static pole.
Level Two:
Level Changes and Basic Static Spins
Now that you've mastered grounded transitions and feel comfortable navigating around the base of your pole, let's talk about spins!
Level 2 is designed to introduce you to the world of basic static spin technique, and to begin to increase upper body strength for movements up the pole.
Level Three:
Upright Aerial and Floorwork
Now that you're comfortable with foundational transitions and basic spins, let's move up the pole!
Level 3 focuses on foundational static pole tricks, grips, and combinations with an emphasis on core and upper body conditioning. Explore upright aerial moves, learn to climb efficiently, and begin to condition for inverted spaces!
Level Four:
Let's get sideways!
Congratulations and welcome to intermediate! You're getting SO strong! Now that you've mastered beginner, let's talk about horizontal spaces!
Level 4 is designed to get you comfortable with using various body parts including armpits, knees, and thighs as new gripping points while exploring horizontal spaces and descending into your first inverted space!
Level Five:
Let's get inverted!
Now that you're comfortable with upright and horizontal pole movement, let's explore more inverted spaces!
Level 5 is designed to increase stamina through longer combinations of aerial movement, and condition upper back, lats, and shoulder strength and stability required while inverted. Learn a variety of inverted tricks and grips, including leg hangs, butterfly variations, and hip holds.