Frequently Asked Questions

What should I know before coming to my first class?

Avoid applying any lotions or oils before classes, as this will make the body slippery, leaving you unable to grip the pole properly. Remove all jewelry before class. Dress in layers, as you will likely need shorts and a tank or sports bra, as you will need exposed skin to grip the pole in some moves. Bring a water, as well as a small notepad and a pen - taking notes can help tremendously! 

How do I know which class is right for me?

Polistic Fitness offers unique classes designed to encourage an exploration through creative movement. Ask yourself what your goals and intentions are for starting your pole journey. Interested in building strength? Try our PoleFit class! Want to express yourself as a dancer? Try a flow or pole'ography class. Want to feel sexy and strong simultaneously? Check out our Classique, Exotic, or Stripper Style! Pole is so versatile, the best way to truly know which style resonates best with you is to try out as many styles as possible! 

What are the class sizes? 

At Polistic, we enjoy running small classes in order to provide enough one-on-one instruction through out class. We utilize 4 poles, with a max of 2/pole. This means your class will never have more than 8 people.

Will I have to share a pole? 

While the classes tend to be smaller in size, there is a chance you will be sharing your pole. We are sure to limit 2/pole so as not to cut in to anyone's pole time. Pole sharing can be great for a number of reasons, including a stronger bond with your pole family, providing inspiration as you watch your partner, and providing much needed relief and rest time within a physically challenging class. 

I'm super strong from other forms of fitness, do I need to start at a beginner level?

Yes! Though you will excel at your own pace, every body at the studio starts with the same foundational moves, tricks, and combos. This is to ensure proper engagement and a strong muscle memory for the foundational techniques specific to pole dance. 

Do I need a dance, yoga, or fitness background to pole?

No, anyone can pole! There is no need for any previous experience in dance or fitness, our program will provide complete training from basic building blocks up through advanced movement techniques. 

How much upper body strength do I need?

While having some upper body strength will definitely help, pole dancing is a great way to build your strength in a fun and efficient way. You don't need to be at any particular level of fitness to enjoy pole dancing, and our classes provide a solid structure for which to increase flexibility, strength, and overall fitness level from any stage. 

What if I have a previous health issue/injury?

If it is a serious condition, seek medical advice from your doctor first - and be sure to inform your instructor of your condition. At Polistic, we pride ourselves on making pole and yoga attainable for all bodies, and will help you to find modifications when needed. 

Will I get bruises/callouses?

The simple answer here is yes, you may get bruises (or as we like to say, pole kisses!) and you may experience some callousing on the hands. Though we provide safe training techniques with proper form to avoid excessive bruising, your body will need to get used to pole on skin friction,  and you will inevitably end up with a pole kiss or two. Wear them as badges of honor! 

Is there any nudity involved?

There is absolutely no nudity required in any of the Polistic classes offered, though we are not against ruling it out under certain circumstances. Did you book a bachelorette party with your besties and feel confident enough to show some skin? Go for it! You're beautiful and we celebrate you! 


What is the weight limit on poles? 

In general, our poles can easily support up to 250lbs.  

What are the benefits of pole dancing?

Aside from making you feel great and building confidence, pole dancing can be extremely cathartic, making you feel overall less stressed or anxious. Physically speaking, pole utilizes the entire body and you are almost always moving, meaning you can burn as many calories in a 30 minute session as you would doing aerobics or calisthenics. You become more limber with greater joint mobility and flexibility, relieving problems like back pain and stiff muscles. Pole helps you develop stronger bones and joints, increases blood flow, and increases balance and kinesthetic awareness.

What type of people participate in pole? 

Pole dancing is suitable for all walks of life, regardless of age, gender, size, ethnicity, etc. It is likely you will see a diverse mix of individuals enjoying class beside you. You are never too old, too big, too small, etc. to enjoy pole. 


Will there be men in the classes?

As mentioned before, Polistic welcomes everyone! Though it is more uncommon for a man to participate in pole, there are some phenomenal male dancers in our industry, and we are happy to have them! Fellas, be warned - there is a strict participation policy here. There will be no men (or women!) merely observing - we're all in it together! 

Where is the studio located, and is there parking?

We are located at 2018 Cedar St. in Holt. It is on the corner of Holt and Cedar, sharing a parking lot with the Biggby. We are in the same building as Sue's Grooming and Wild Strawberry Florist. Enter through the door marked '2018 Main Entrance' and head upstairs. We are in suite E. 


Can I book a pole party with my friends?

Absolutely! Contact us at with inquiries. 


How is Polistic Fitness different from other studios? 

Polistic Fitness enables you to develop at your own pace, allowing freedom and creativity in your pole training journey. Polistic also emphasizes a more meaningful approach to pole, one that addresses mind, body, and spirit. Our program is designed to help you find and identify your own movement patterns and style of dance, rather than asking you to imitate any one else, and though our program builds on itself, we avoid restricting you to a strict curriculum or particular style of movement. Because of the many years spent researching and training in various movement styles, our instructors are able to provide you with efficient feed back, and subtle tips/tricks to make 'nemesis' tricks work for you! We are able to keep you safe and provide you with the knowledge of pole technique and body awareness with an emphasis on creative movement with a focus on longevity and wellness. 


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