Class Descriptions


For advanced students only, this class focuses on inverted combos and conditioning/technique behind inverted spaces with 2 points of contact.


*Required student is extremely comfortable with extended butterfly, leg hang and torso switches, and inverted thigh holds. 

What to Wear: Shorts, barefoot.

What to Expect: inverted tricks and combos with 2-3 points of contact.


This class focuses on beginner level sequences and choreography in the exotic style. Explore foundations of heel work and dynamic low flow in this dance based class.


*Recommended 3-5 Level 1 Classes

 *Recommended 4-6 inch heels

What to Wear: Heels recommended, not required.

What to Expect: Counted choreography and beginner friendly exotic pole flow.



This is the perfect drop in class for the beginner pole dancer! Enhance strength with beginner friendly conditioning drills, get comfortable with basic pole and dance transitions, and begin to navigate technique behind spins and climbing. 

*No prior pole experience necessary.

What to Wear: Shorts, comfortable athletic wear, barefoot.

What to Expect: Beginner static spins, strength training, and basic pole flow and combos in upright orientations.


This class focuses on throwing dynamic tricks and combos into exotic choreography, low flow, and aerial sequences, and explores explosive and powerful floor work. 


*Recommended 5-10 Beginner Exotic AND 5-10 Exotic Flow classes

*Required pole sit, chair spin.

*Recommended 7-9 inch heels or barefoot. 


What to wear: Heels recommended, not required. Knee pads recommended.

What to Expect: cardio warm ups, power spins, level changes, dynamic pole flows and combos.


This class explores sexy, gooey, low flow specific to spin pole. Socks or heels are required for this class as you will explore the subtle art of tracing and gliding through innovative combos and shapes on spin.


*Recommended 5-10 Level 1 or Beginner classes

 *Required dance heels or socks

 *This class uses a spin pole. 


What to Wear: Shorts, tank top, heels or socks.

What to Expect: Heel technique and innovative gooey spin flows. 



Explore intermediate level exotic dance techniques with an emphasis on transitions, heel work, and seamless low flow both on and off the pole.

*Recommended 5-10 Beginner Exotic classes

*Recommended Level 2+ 

*Recommended 7-9 inch dance heels

What to Wear: heels highly recommended, pants typically fine.

What to Expect: technique oriented heel work and ankle conditioning, seamless and fluid low flow sequences.



This class focuses on intermediate level tricks and combos on a static pole. Break down technique and muscle engagement necessary for various aerial combos that pass through horizontal and inverted spaces. 


*Required student is able to climb and pole sit comfortably.

 *Shorts required, barefoot/socks recommended.

What to Wear: Shorts, tank top, barefoot

What to Expect: invert prep, descending inverts, knee hook and leg hang based combos.


This class is taught by certified Liquid Motion instructor Kimmy Luv, and focuses on exploring and creating seamless and natural movement by applying basic dance theory and sensual exploration to floor movement. Expect to slide, slither, roll and pivot across the floor.


*Highly recommended layers. (socks, leg warmers, kneepads, pants, shoulder covering)

*Heels welcome.

*This class does not use a pole.

What to Wear: all the layers, heels welcome.

What to Expect: sensual crawling, basic shoulder rolls, low impact floor sequences. 



Dismantle internalized misogyny and celebrate the roots of pole dancing in this class! Learn to slink, roll, whip, clack, and grind shamelessly. This is a low impact class open to all levels and focuses on audience engagement, self-intimacy, and presence.


*No prior pole experience required


 What to Wear: Whatever you feel sexy or comfortable in, Heels encouraged, not required.

What to Expect: Female power, general feminist vibes, low impact, feel-good sensual pole flows.



This class focuses on how foundational tricks evolve into more intermediate and advanced combos and shapes on a spin pole. Learn to safely progress on spin pole, and gain a deeper understanding of how to create unique transitions and combos on spin.

*Recommended 3-5 Level 1 classes.

*Shorts required. Barefoot/socks recommended.

*This class uses a spin pole.

What to Wear: Shorts, barefoot.

What to Expect: Open level spin pole flows that build off the same base movement or grip.



This is an upper level class designed for intermediate and advanced students who are ready to explore inverted combos on the spin pole.


*Required solid invert on static

 *Recommended 10-15 Spincraft or Exotic Spin Classes

 *This class uses a spin pole. 

What to Wear: Shorts, barefoot

What to Expect: Basic Inverts, Leg Hangs, Butterfly, Superman combos on spin pole.