Meet the Team!


All of our instructors are hand picked for their movement quality, attention to safety, and level of experience. Each of our pole instructors are ElevatED certified and trained in proper form, safe progressions, and proper spotting techniques. Ready to train with the most bad ass, most fun team around?

 We got you.


Brooke Elizabeth

Brooke Elizabeth is a Movement Witch from Michigan, most known for her witchy low flow vibes. She is an exotic champion with various titles under her belt, and she is the owner, creator, and head instructor of Polistic. She enjoys sharing movement through creative play, powerful prompts, and safe progressions designed to help fellow movers tap into an authentic inner space in order to develop a style that’s unique and satisfying to themselves.

Brooke began her pole dancing journey in 2010 while living in Southern California and has travelled across the nation taking various workshops and intensives over the years to continue to up her movement game and increase her ability to coach movers of all levels and backgrounds. She has completed several trainings and certifications, including Level 2/3 Pole Moves (2015) ElevatED Level 1 (2018) and ElevatED Level 2 (2019).


Brooke has won titles in several exotic competitions and can be seen performing at various venues and events through out the Midwest. Most recently, she has found a passion in competition coaching helping 9 students to place in various categories in 2018.


Her passion for movement and teaching makes her an ideal instructor for all movers looking to increase movement quality, gain a deeper understanding of ‘ flow’, and develop their own unique style.

For a full list of trainings and credentials, click here. 

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Bethany Lynn
Beth is our spin pole extraordinaire and began her pole journey with Polistic about three years ago. As she likes to say, she traded her running shoes for 8" stilettos and hasn't looked back since.

Shortly after joining us, Beth was hand selected to become an instructor based off the stunning movement quality and impeccable safety awareness she demonstrated from early on. She hopes to help her students study the control and subtle technique that goes into a seamless spin pass, and give them the tools to create their own combinations outside of the classroom.

Beth is is a certified instructor, completing both Level 1 and Level 2 ElevatED training,  and has performed in various venues and showcases through out the midwest. Beth is laid back, easy as hell to get a long with, and an insanely talented mover who considers Polistic her home away from home and who treats her pole friends like family.


Jessica has been pole dancing for 4 years and is most known for her amazing musicality and powerful and sassy style of movement. Having been a zumba instructor in the past, she is queen of the count and will get you synced up and exploring musicality in her signature flow and choreography based classes.


Jessica is a certified instructor, having completed both Level 1 and Level 2 ElevatED trainings. Jess is extremely welcoming, and is sure to make you feel at home in her class, whether it's your first class or your one hundredth class, Jess has something for you. 

Jess is also a new momma, and is a huge inspiration to all of us at the studio as she juggles motherhood, a full time job, and being a total bad-ass pole dancer.

Jessica is a straight up rockstar, and is guaranteed to make you feel like a rockstar, too. Come check out her beginner exotic class to see why we all respect and admire her so much! 



Angel is a dancer, teacher and choreographer based in Lansing, Michigan. She has been dancing in some form for her entire life and has trained in ballet, jazz, tap, Middle Eastern dance, swing-era dances, and pole dance. 


Angel has been teaching dance since 2005 and began teaching pole dance in the summer of 2018. She is an ElevatED Level 1 certified pole instructor and specializes in teaching students how to build strength and improve their quality of movement. She is passionate about helping every student find their own personal style of movement that feels good in their own body.


Most importantly, Angel is the mom of two perfect rescue cats, Wilbur and Huxley.


Kimmy Luv

Kim is our resident Liquid Motion extraordinaire. She began her pole journey 4 years ago, pushing through feelings of apprehension and self-doubt in order to continue to explore the new world of pole dance, and has since gone on to compete and win multiple medals in various Exotic categories.



Once she found the magic of floor work, she was completely hooked. She says the floor opened up so many new doors and created the path way for her to take her movement both and on off the pole to the next level. Kim is has completed both the Level 1 and Level 2 Liquid Motion certifications and will be completing her training with a Liquid Heels certification in November. She is passionate about using Liquid Motion to help students move in new ways and discover their own signature style of seamless and sensual floor work.



Alexis first discovered aerial arts on the East Coast several years ago and threw herself into silks and hoop, but never quite got around to trying pole. However, when she moved to Michigan in 2017, she showed up at Polistic and was immediately addicted. She quickly fell in love with the Russian Exotic style and it’s low-flow, hard-hitting energy and made her home at the base of the pole. Handstands, shoulder freezes, squats and jumps, prepare for any class with this basework babe to incorporate some of her favorite grounded moves. 

Alexis is a certified instructor, having completed both Level 1 and Level 2 ElevatED trainings. While she may get a little too enthusiastic at times, she promises to get you hyped and excited to dance without reservations whether it’s your first or 50th time at the studio.

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Violet Defiant

Violet is a contemporary circus performer and instructor. She teaches consent-based and body positive movement classes, including static trapeze, hand balancing, and contortion to youth and adults.

She has been performing circus arts for 8 years, and teaching for 5 years. Violet Defiant is a member of the American Circus Educators (ACE)/American Youth Circus Organization (AYCO) and Director of Youth Circus Camp at The Ann Arbor Aviary.

Violet teaches our Active Flexibility Class and the occasional Hand Balancing workshop at Polistic.

Violet's classes are open to all levels because Violet is a Magical Circus Extraordinaire who can modify, spot, and assist to make the world of circus attainable to all levels!